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Jolin Jeneration 2006 to 2009 Pics

Hello again :D 

I recently got the Jolin Jeneration, a compilation of Jolin's work from 2006 to 2009, which includes a 300 pages picture booklet XD 
i've selected some of the pics i like, and scanned them

click below to download

Hope you'll like them and please comment XD  

Jolin's New Album - Butterfly Jolin PICS

 Hello :D 

I just got Jolin's new 2009 Album - Butterfly Jolin. 
There is a bonus pic booklet of Jolin in NYC

I also scanned the lyrics booklet - which i really love page 2 XD 

Click below to download from mediafire: 

Hope you like it and please comment :DD 

Previous Entries

I thought I'd just add that for other/more Jolin related stuff - please go to  http://community.livejournal.com/jolintsai/
some of my previous posts are also there, before I started to write in my own journal :DD


Hello hello!~~

This is a September 2006 issue of Queen (女人我最大) magazine. Saw the cover of this magazine a few weeks ago - it's just too good to miss... and so finally found it in a shop here (but still at current issue price >__<;;;)XDDDD 

The pics in the magazine are the best I've seen Jolin in XDDDD

Hope you all like them ;DDD (even though it's a bit old ^_^;;;)

Click here to download the above 6 pics in a zip file http://www.mediafire.com/?fdyn731jgzt

P.S. The files are a bit big for the ones with Jolin in suit (was thinking of printing a poster out of it) - lemme know if anyone wants it resized ;D

****Comments are very much loved!! :DDDD *****

Dancing Diva album pics :D

Hello All! XD

haven't posted anything for quite a while now... the pics from this album may be a bit dated ^^; was trying to buy some stuff from Jolin... still waiting for her English CD to come out - called 'Love Exercise' XD

hope you like them - i bought it mainly for the 4 cards XD

and below is the lyrics booklet

click here to download the above pics plus some more in a zip file http://www.mediafire.com/?m19doelgzyk

Comments are really appreciated :DD